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Zelda and Lance were really excited to be experiencing the classic 1969 Mustang in Cape Town, as well as being able to enjoy a coastal drive from the picturesque Camps Bay to Hout Bay harbour.

Lance has always been a Mustang enthusiast and it was hard for him to contain his excitement and constant smile. In addition, he is also a Liverpool supporter! 

The V8 easily roared up the coastal hills passed Llandudno and it was good fun for the couple to experience the raw "old school" power!

Eventually the Mustang arrived at the Hout Bay harbour and was quickly surrounded by admirers of the classic Mustang styling. Tourists, locals and even some colourful fishermen were in awe of the 69 Mustang. After all, where can one experience this cult classic in Cape Town, South Africa!

A great time was had by the anniversary couple and we wish them many more wonderful years together.